We won’t take much of your winnings from you! In fact, we have the lowest platform fees across all Rummy apps in the Indian market. That’s why we are special. Play any of the 4 game modes with other players or play with your friends and withdraw your winnings.

Why Us?

  • Lowest Platform Fees

    Lowest Platform Fees

    We are the most affordable Rummy Platform in India. We know how it feels when someone takes your hard earned money away from you. Don’t worry, we have the lowest rummy platform fees among all. 

  • Play with Friends

    Play with Friends

    A friend who plays Rummy with you is a friend indeed. Play Rummy with your best friends online with the “Play with Friends” feature and win huge loads of money.

  • Safe Transactions

    Safe Transactions

    Don’t worry, after you win all that money, we provide the safest transactions to help you take all the winnings securely. Your safety is our responsibility.

  • Responsible Gaming

    Responsible Gaming

    We don’t appreciate any false practices. We ensure that all our games are treated fairly and responsibly. Come and Play without any fears.


  • Which app offers the lowest rummy fees in India?

    MyTeamRummy offers the lowest rummy platform fees in India. You can withdraw your winnings with very minimal charges.

  • Does MyTeamRummy really have the lowest platform fees?

    Yes. MyTeamRummy really has the lowest platform fees among all the rummy platforms in India. Enjoy the low rummy fees and play on MyTeamRummy.

  • What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹200 and the maximum withdrawal amount is ₹1 lac per day that you can withdraw in two parts of ₹50k each.

  • When can I withdraw my winnings?

    You can withdraw your winnings anytime you want given that the amount is at least ₹200 and at most ₹1 lac in two parts of ₹50k each.

  • What are the payments modes through with I can withdraw my winnings?

    You can withdraw your winnings in your bank account or your PayTM wallet. Just put in your account details or PayTM number and your winnings will be credited.