Online Deals Rummy

What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy is just another variant of 13-card rummy game offered on MyTeamRummy wherein the players on the gameplay for and with chips for a pre-decided number of deals. At the end of each deal, the individual making a valid declaration wins all the chips, and after the pre-decided number of deals is played, the player with the highest number of chips is declared as the winner.

How to Play Deals Rummy Online

Deals Rummy is played between 2 to 6 players with 1 or more decks (each deck comprising of 2 Jokers).

  • Before the game begins, all the players on the table are allocated with a fixed number of chips to play the game.
  • The game is played with chips for a pre-decided number of deals.
  • The game begins with a toss which decides which player will make the first move.
  • All the players are given 13 cards randomly which are required to be grouped as valid sets and sequences.
  • There are two decks on the table, an open deck and a closed deck. The cards in the closed deck are placed face-down whereas the face-value of the cards in the open deck is visible to the players.
  • The first card from the deck is placed in the open cards slot to mention the beginning of the game.
  • The players are needed to make a valid declaration by grouping cards as valid sets and sequences after picking/discarding cards as the objective of the game. For a valid declaration, it is important that the player has at least two sequences, out of which one needs to be a pure sequence.
  • There can be two Jokers type of Jokers in the game, one Wild Joker and one Printed Joker. The players can use either of the Jokers to make valid sets or sequences.
  • In case the Printed Joker is used as the Wild Joker, then the Ace cards of all the suits can be used as Jokers.
  • After arranging all the 13 cards in valid sets and sequences, the player can move the extra card in the finish slot and declare the game.
  • After the completion of every deal, the winning player will get chips from the losing player as based on their scores.
  • After the completion of all the pre-decided number of deals, the player with the higher number of chips will be declared as the winner. In case there is a tie between the players, then, the players will play a tie-breaker round.
  • The chips are allocated at the starting of the game based on the maximum number of points a player can get multiplied by the number of players sitting on the table.

Scoring Deals Rummy


The player who finishes the game first after making a valid declaration and meeting the game objectives is declared as the winner. The winner is given chips lost by other players based on their scores.

Losing Players

  • All the cards in the game carry a certain number of points. The point calculation for losing players is calculated on the basis of the points of the cards in hand of the player.
  • J, Q, K and A cards of any suit carry 10 points each.
  • All the other cards of any suit carry points equal to their face value.
  • The Joker card carries ‘0’ points.
  • The losing player's score is counted as the sum of cards that are not grouped as valid sets and sequences except for the following cases:
    • In case there are no pure sequences formed by the losing player, all cards are counted.
    • In case, the player has only a Pure sequence, then, the points for only the Pure sequence will not be counted.
  • In case a player does not get to play its turn before the opponent makes a valid declaration, then:
    • The losing player will be given points equal to half of his actual total
    • The minimum points awarded in this case can be 2
    • The maximum points awarded in this case can be 40
  • In an event both the players on a table have "0" point, then, the player declaring second will lose the game & will be given 2 points 'by default.'

Maximum Points

A player can only score a maximum of 80 points. In case the losing player’s points total is more than 80, his score will be counted as 80 only. Any point score below 80 is awarded as it is.

Calculation of Winnings

The winner of every deal gets all the chips lost by the opponent.

Winnings = Sum of points of all opponents

**Each point is counted as one chip

Drop Option

2 Player Game

In a two-player game, neither of the players is allowed to drop a deal in between.

In case a player misses three consecutive turns due to inactivity or any other issue, the player is automatically dropped from the game. The score is counted as the hands score of the dropped player, with a maximum limit of 80 points.

More than 2 Players

Each of the players on the table can drop the game in their turn, just that the player should not have picked a card from either of the decks.

First Drop – If the player drops the game in the first turn itself, he/she will be given 20 points.

Middle Drop – If the player drops the game anytime after playing the first turn, he/she is given 40 points.

In case of missing 3 consecutive turns, the player is auto-dropped which is counted as Middle drop.

In case of Disconnection, the player can decide what happens to the game under the Game Play Options from setting. The player can specify whether the player should be dropped after missing 3 consecutive turns or the player should remain at the table till reconnection.

Missing Three Moves

2 Player Games

In case a player misses 3 consecutive moves, the player is automatically dropped from the game, with the score calculated as the hands score capped at 80 points.

More than 2 Player Games

If in a game with more than 2 players, a player misses three consecutive turns, then the player is dropped from the game with the score of Middle drop, i.e., 40 points.


  • How to play Deals Rummy on MyTeamRummy?

    To play Deals Rummy on MyTeamRummy, follow these simple steps:

    • Download the app and login/sign-up to your account.
    • Select the contest type you want to play from pay-to-play and practise contests. Then choose "Deals Rummy" from the available options
    • Choose the number of deals, entry fee amount and players & start the game.
  • What can I win in a game of Deals Rummy on MyTeamRummy?

    • In deals Rummy, you have to play with the chips that are allocated at the beginning by the dealer for a pre-decided number of deals.
    • The winner wins all the chips at the end of each deal.
    • The player who is holding a maximum number of chips at the end is declared as the winner of the game.
    • Along with this, players will also win exciting prizes and bonuses.
  • What are chips and how are they allocated?

    Chips are virtual coins that are used for playing online rummy games. The allocation of chips in Deals rummy is decided on the basis of the number of deals and the number of players seated on the table. These chips are allocated to each and every player on the table at the beginning of the game.

  • How are points calculated in Deals Rummy?

    • Each card holds a fixed number of points.
    • Cards like J, Q, K, A carry 10 points each and the remaining cards carry points equal to their face value.
    • The losing player gets points equal to his/her hand’s value.