What do we have on offer for Online Rummy Player?

Not just wide range of games but we have a lot more on platter.

  • Variety of Contests

    Variety of Contests

    Striving to offer a world-class rummy experience to our users, we have Practice Contests, Tournaments, Cash Contests and Play with Friends on offer.

  • Responsible Gaming with High Security

    Responsible Gaming with High Security

    We have a secure deposit process along with a strict fair play policy to make this game of rummy an equal opportunity for all the players.

  • Refer & Earn

    Refer & Earn

    To make gaming more interesting on MyTeamRummy platform, we are bringing to you the “Refer and Earn” feature. Invite friends to challenge for a game of rummy & earn Referral Bonus.

Play Rummy Online on MyTeamRummy

With 13-card Rummy being a one of the most popular Indian Rummy Games, the MyTeamRummy Platform strives to bring all the fun and excitement of the game at your fingertips with amazing graphics and an ease-of-use. To play rummy online, all you need is to install the MyTeamRummy app on your preferred device, register with the platform and win real money.

Fair Play, user information security, fast processing and entertainment are the key objectives we look forward to delivering to our users. Incorporating the latest technologies to make the to & fro transactions on the platform secure, to equal opportunities to every user of ours.

What Rummy Variants do MyTeamRummy Offer?

As a part of 4 major types of contests, the MyTeamRummy platform offers 4 variants of 13-card rummy game to its users. The rummy variants offered on MyTeamRummy are:

Play for points with an already defined rupee value. Play to make a declaration with a ‘0’ point score, and the player who makes a valid declaration wins the game.

The players in pool rummy are required to pay a fixed entry fee amount which makes up to the total winning prize money. Any player in the game is eliminated as it reaches maximum points pool, i.e. 101 or 201.

In Deals Rummy, the players on the table are given an equal number of chips to play a predefined number of rounds. At the end of every round, the player making a valid declaration gets all the chips, and the player with maximum chips after the pre-defined number of rounds is over becomes the winner.

The Raise Rummy is played quite similarly to Points Rummy, just the point value increases after regular intervals. The point value is raised till a pre-decided value with the next value shown beside the current value above the table.

How is MyTeamRummy Safe?

Fair Play: We at MyTeamRummy believe in offering equal winning opportunities to all the users of the platform. Also, we have a strict Fair Play policy to guide frauds.

Responsible Gaming: Responsible gaming is one of the key features of MyTeamRummy, encouraging all the users to play responsibly and in a planned manner.

Legal to Play: MyTeamRummy is offered as a game of Skills that falls under the legal guidelines set by the government of India.

Payment & Information Security: We consider user security to be our prime responsibility thus, our technologies do not save any user information.


  • How many different rummy games are there?

    Rummy game is a very wide network with a lot of rummy versions being known around the world. However, the most popular rummy version in India is the 13-card rummy game which comprises 4 variants. We at MyTeamRummy focus on offering Indian rummy on the platform with all of its four variants defined as Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Raise Rummy.

  • Is it safe to play rummy online?

    Yes, online rummy games are completely safe with MyTeamRummy. We are highly concerned about maintaining the privacy and safety of our users; thus, we use safe payment gateways, encourage responsible gaming among the users and do not save any user information.

  • Is Rummy legal in India?

    Yes. As per the guidelines from the government of India, online rummy game is considered to be a Game of Skills which is recognized to be legal as per the jurisdiction. Thus, the online 13-card rummy games offered by MyTeamRummy is completely legal.

  • How many players can play rummy?

    Online rummy games on MyTeamRummy can be played between 2, 4 or 6 players depending upon the choice of the player.

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